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Integrity – To Die For 10″ Test Press

I was sure I posted this yesterday but it looks like I didn’t. It’s Integrity, its a test press, it has Manson related artwork. Why wouldn’t I be all over this? Picked up this test pressing of “To Die For” recently and totally love the Sharon Tate sleeve. Pretty sure Dwid Put this together himself. I can’t recall for sure but I believe there are either 5 or 6 copies of this test. Mine is #00002.

INTEGRITY – The Blackest Curse

Pre-Orders just went up at

The vinyl version comes on 5 different colors, 3 of which are available through Deathwish. I’m assuming the rest will be sold on tour. Lots of good reviews going around out there so I’m anxious to hear it myself.

Pretty rad new shirt also available from Deathwish.

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