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Charles Manson – Inner Sanctum 7″ Test Press

I’d been after this for a while now but was always looking for the right deal/trade and it never seemed to come along until last week. I snatched it up and I’m glad I finally did. This completes my collection of all variations of this record. Released by Holy Terror and limited to 20 copies. Mine is #20/20 which I think is pretty cool for some reason. This is only the second time I have received the last number in a series. The other will be in a post I’ll put up in the next couple days. I think the previous owner included the little yellow scrap of paper so I just put it in the photo anyway. I usually save whatever comes with a record regardless of what it is. This reminds me of another record I need to post up here in the next couple days..

Swing Kids / Spanakorzo – 10″ Test Press

Years ago I was in love with Swing Kids and I guess I still am. I just hadn’t listened to them in forever until I had the chance to pick up this test press. Not something I would normally think to ever try and get a test press of, but I was really excited to get this. It was great because it took about 2 days to arrive which is really rare.

I’m a stickler so I wish it would have been hand labeled but the labels are blank. Oh well. It did come with a Three One G stamp on the dust sleeve and a huge swing kids sticker, along with the regular sleeve and insert which doesn’t happen that often with a test pressing.

I love Spanakorzo too, but I was never crazy about the material on this release. The Drama lp was the best. I’d love to pick that up again if anybody is looking to get rid of it.

Integrity – To Die For 10″ Test Press

I was sure I posted this yesterday but it looks like I didn’t. It’s Integrity, its a test press, it has Manson related artwork. Why wouldn’t I be all over this? Picked up this test pressing of “To Die For” recently and totally love the Sharon Tate sleeve. Pretty sure Dwid Put this together himself. I can’t recall for sure but I believe there are either 5 or 6 copies of this test. Mine is #00002.

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