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Charles Manson – Horsefly 7″

This was a split release between Parasitic Records and The Zou. I ordered this copy a little after it came out from The Zou. Funny thing is when it was first released, the color vinyl copies were $20 a piece! The black vinyl were only a bit cheaper. I thought that was ridiculous and waited a week or so and checked again to find that they were now selling for $11.11. This color vinyl version is limited to 100 with the black vinyl being limited to 900. Black is still available from The Zou for $11.11.


Integrity – To Die For 10″ Test Press

I was sure I posted this yesterday but it looks like I didn’t. It’s Integrity, its a test press, it has Manson related artwork. Why wouldn’t I be all over this? Picked up this test pressing of “To Die For” recently and totally love the Sharon Tate sleeve. Pretty sure Dwid Put this together himself. I can’t recall for sure but I believe there are either 5 or 6 copies of this test. Mine is #00002.

Charles Manson – Inner Sanctum 7″

Yep, Holy Terror is releasing a record of new music performed and recorded by Charles Manson himself. 14 minutes of new music recorded January 2010 exclusively for Holy Terror records. Pre-Orders began today between 2:00 and 3:00 and the 100 red vinyl pre-order copies were sold out in about an hour. Black vinyl is up now for pre-order and limited to 1000 copies. Head over and check it out if you’re interested:

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