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Integrity – Evacuate 7″ Flexi & Kingdom of Heaven 7″

I’m not sure how I feel about the flex. At first I was into them but now it seems like more and more are being made and being sold for just as much as a regular 7″. This is Integrity covering “Evacuate”, originally by Negative Approach. This track was recorded 20 years ago and is finally being released. Regardless of being a flexi, I still think its pretty rad. Great Negative Approach theme to the packaging too. Limited to 200 with a red and black version limited to 50 available only at the A389 Bash this year.



Along with the flexi, A389 also released the “Kingdom of Heaven” 7″. This was also recorded 20 years ago and is just now being released. The white vinyl is limited to 150 copies I believe, but I’m not sure about the black vinyl. There is also a red vinyl version limited to 50 which I didn’t end up getting. If you have one you are willing to trade, let me know.

I grabbed all three of these from A389 the day they went up for sale. The flexi and the white vinyl version of the 7″ are sold out but you can still get the black vinyl from A389 and a few other places.

A389 is sharing one of the songs from the 7″. You can listen to it here:

Integrity / Rot In Hell – Black Heksen Rise 2×7″

Two years after the pre-orders were taken, the record finally came out, however, I still have not received my copies. I ordered these two copies through Holy Terror. The white vinyl copy came from Belgium and arrived about 5 days after I ordered it (I live in California). I ordered Black and Blue/Green copies from Thirty Days of Night (the label that put the record out) over two years ago, told me they shipped in November, then in December, then that they must have gotten lost and that they would send new copies (when I knew they were already out of the black vinyl) in February, and when those never showed up, i decided it was time to say fuck it and get my money back. Believe it or not, after a bit of pestering, I actually received my refund. I’d much rather have the copies I ordered though. At this point I’m not willing to put in much work to get those versions since the whole experience just left a bad taste in my mouth. TDON should have never put the pre-order up before knowing a ballpark release date and they shouldn’t have handled business like shady pricks when it came to answering e-mails and actually mailing packages. There are actually a couple good records on the label, unfortunately I will never give them another dollar.

This is the red vinyl version, limited to 100, sold mainly by Holy Terror, and the white vinyl version, also limit to 100 and signed by Dwid. White, I believe was sold exclusively through Holy Terror. 





A389 recent releases: Rot in Hell, Integrity, Mighty Sphincter, Roses Never Fade, Pulling Teeth, Seven Sisters of Sleep

I’ve fallen so far behind on updates that I just decided I’ll group all of my recent A389 releases into one post. I can’t complain about any of these. First is the Rot in Hell – NIU one sided 12″. This is a live recording and was released to raise money to bring RIH to the states for the A389 anniversary show this year. I rarely like live records but this one is awesome. Really simple sleeve with silver screened ink print on one side only and a 2 sided insert.

Whenever the Walpurgisnacht 7″ gets released on a new color, I have to pick it up. So here are the two most recent colors released of the Integrity – Walpurgisnacht 7″ on Grey Swirl out of 350 and Custard out of 150. The grey is very dark and almost black. Very hard to tell in this photo. Still love this record.

This next one is totally bizarre. A new 7″ from Mighty Sphincter. I’d have never guessed this was going to happen but I’m glad it did. Purple vinyl, only available as part of the pre-order package (that the remaining records in this post were part of as well) and limited to either 250 or 300. I forget which.

Roses Never Fade – fade to black 12″ on clear vinyl. This compiles all of their songs, finally released as a 12″. I love the crystal clear vinyl and of course the art by Dwid.

Integrity / Creepout – split 7″ Blue vinyl. I thought it was pretty cool how the art from some of the Japanese versions of this record were combined for the US release.

This record was only available if you ordered the complete pre-order package. It’s a split 7″ between Pulling Teeth (featureing Dwid on vocals), performing “New Manson Family”, and Mighty Sphincter (featuring Nick Fiction on vocals), performing “Holy Unholy”.

Seven Sisters of Sleep – s/t 12″ Green Vinyl. This is a great record. Super heavy. I had no idea what to expect but I was for sure happy with it. Check it out if you haven’t.

Integrity – To Die For 10″ Test Press

I was sure I posted this yesterday but it looks like I didn’t. It’s Integrity, its a test press, it has Manson related artwork. Why wouldn’t I be all over this? Picked up this test pressing of “To Die For” recently and totally love the Sharon Tate sleeve. Pretty sure Dwid Put this together himself. I can’t recall for sure but I believe there are either 5 or 6 copies of this test. Mine is #00002.

A389 5×7″ Pre-Order Package

$27 for 5 records by some great bands. Sounds good to me. Again, I’ve obviously had these for quite some time as these shipped out weeks ago but I’m just getting around to posting them. The colors here were only available as part of the pre-order package from A389

Grey Ghost – succubus 7″ Red vinyl

I love the layout on this record and should have taken a photo of the back of the sleeve. I had no idea what to expect with this record and was really impressed. I recommend picking it up.

Gehenna / Blind to Faith – split 7″ Gold vinyl

For sure my favorite of all the records in this bundle, but of course it was the only one without a digital download. I had been dying for new material by both bands so you can imagine this was the cream of the crop. Great artwork too.

Pulling Teeth / Shin to Shin – split 7″ Orange vinyl

Always ready for new Pulling Teeth songs and this record was no disappointment. I love it. Also pretty cool to have Shin to Shin (Aaron Melnick of Integrity/In Cold Blood’s new band) on vinyl finally. Pressed on a really cool opaque yellowish creamy orange.

Millenial Reign – bones dust nothing 7″ White vinyl

I listened to this record about 6 times in a row the first time I put it on the turntable. This is the absolute most perfect Integrity worship ever created. Millenial Reign features Damian from Fucked Up on vocals and Jordan from No Warning/Terror on guitar. I can’t get enough of this record.

Hatewaves – taste the beast 7″ Clear vinyl

Features members of Pulling teeth and Triac. 6 songs on a one sided 7″. Features the song “Facebook Abuser”

ps. A389 has some incredible pre-orders still available right now including a live Rot in Hell 12″ limited to 300

Integrity – vve are the end 7″ + Shirt Preorder Package

vve are the end

Falling behind once again so here is a post in an attempt to catch up. I’ve had this for quite some time now but never got around to posting it up. I know its not anything people haven’t seen but it was a pretty good amount of time to wait for this pre-order so I was pretty excited for it to finally arrive. I also thought I had forgotten to order it and it took me forever to track down my original e-mail confirmation after checking every bank account and credit card statement for the prior 3 month period.

This grey vinyl and shirt package was limited to 100 copies from Magic Bullet so they went pretty fast. Wish I would have ordered a Large shirt instead of the Medium (e-mail me if you want to trade). I’m too old to wear tight clothes anymore.

Records for Sale

I’m getting married next month and I’m thinning my collection a bit to scrape together some extra cash (weddings are more expensive than you can possibly imagine). If you’re interested, take a look at what I have listed so far: RECORDS YOU SHOULD BUY

Vinyl from:

React! Records Showcase Box Set
Get Down
Roswell Project
Internal affairs
The Distance
Some Kind Of Hate
Blood of the Black Owl

More to be added..

Integrity / Pale Creation – split 7″ Band Copy

For whatever the reason may be, I was lucky enough to end up with one of these gems a few weeks back. Its the Integrity/Pale Creation – split 7″, only available to those who pre-ordered the last A389 package except this is a clear vinyl band only copy, limited to 125. Not sure how the rest of these will end up getting distributed but I’m grateful to have received one.

INTEGRITY – The Blackest Curse

Pre-Orders just went up at

The vinyl version comes on 5 different colors, 3 of which are available through Deathwish. I’m assuming the rest will be sold on tour. Lots of good reviews going around out there so I’m anxious to hear it myself.

Pretty rad new shirt also available from Deathwish.

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