Ink & Dagger – Drive this seven inch wooden stake through my Philadelphia heart 7″

by scourgedaggerandchain

Ink & Dagger was at one time my favorite and most collected band. I didn’t have every version of every vinyl release but very close to it, even down to the vampire killer box set that was limited to 5. That was my favorite piece I had ever had in my collection but I was much younger and fell on hard times, having to sell it along with most of the other Ink & Dagger vinyl. I got to a point where I wasn’t as interested in collecting vinyl anymore, so now when I see the records I used to have, its a bit heartbreaking. This is the reasons I’m posting records here so I can at least look back and remember where and how I got them. Anyhow, this is the red vinyl version of my favorite Ink & Dagger record, limited to 500 copies on initial records. I fell in love with this band because of this record. To this day, it might still be visually, my favorite punk/hardcore record (at least of its era).