Integrity – Evacuate 7″ Flexi & Kingdom of Heaven 7″

by scourgedaggerandchain

I’m not sure how I feel about the flex. At first I was into them but now it seems like more and more are being made and being sold for just as much as a regular 7″. This is Integrity covering “Evacuate”, originally by Negative Approach. This track was recorded 20 years ago and is finally being released. Regardless of being a flexi, I still think its pretty rad. Great Negative Approach theme to the packaging too. Limited to 200 with a red and black version limited to 50 available only at the A389 Bash this year.



Along with the flexi, A389 also released the “Kingdom of Heaven” 7″. This was also recorded 20 years ago and is just now being released. The white vinyl is limited to 150 copies I believe, but I’m not sure about the black vinyl. There is also a red vinyl version limited to 50 which I didn’t end up getting. If you have one you are willing to trade, let me know.

I grabbed all three of these from A389 the day they went up for sale. The flexi and the white vinyl version of the 7″ are sold out but you can still get the black vinyl from A389 and a few other places.

A389 is sharing one of the songs from the 7″. You can listen to it here: