The Oath / Total Fury – Split 7″

by scourgedaggerandchain

Snagged this off of eBay from a guy I know about a month and a half ago. The thing is, I didn’t really want it, but I bid on about 4 records he had that I did want because nobody was bidding and I thought I might be able to grab them for a couple bucks each and I would just pick them up from the guy, but I ended up only winning this auction. Got it for $1.74 but the dude was acting like a little bitch about me picking it up so I just told him to ship it, adding $4 more for a record I don’t even want. Oh well. I still haven’t listened to it but the layout is pretty cool and I like the etching on the vinyl. I think this is a one time pressing of 1,500. I could be wrong. If you are interested in this record, let me know. I’ll let it go pretty easily and would be happy to do a trade or sale.


I doubt these stickers have anything to do with the record but I have a tendency to keep things like this with records if they were there when I got them.