Al Qaeda 7″ Discography & Test Presses

by scourgedaggerandchain

I was lucky enough to end up with test presses and regular versions of all three of Al Qaeda’s vinyl releases courtesy of a very generous associate. If you aren’t familiar with Al Qaeda, they are a noise/drone/experimental/hard to explain group featuring Scott Miller from Sutekh Hexen. They have these three vinyl releases, a handful of CD’s and a shit load of cassettes.
First up:
Al Qaeda / My Cell Phone is Better Than Your Cell Phone – split 7″ Free Thinkers Union Records
This was a one time pressing of 100 numbered copies on clear vinyl. This copy is #2/100

The test press is also clear vinyl but with URP test labels and a large 45 hole. No sleeve.

Al Qaeda / BBBlood – split 7″ Trans-Dimensional Sushi Recordings
One time pressing of 259 copies on black vinyl. The vinyl on the official release and the test is essentially the same. The regular release version has an additional insert and a black cardboard dust sleeve as opposed to the white paper dust sleeve on the test. They also have different plastic sleeves but nobody really cares about that stuff, right?

Al Qaeda – Collaborative Works 7″ Scotch Tapes
One time pressing on green/turquoise marble vinyl limited to 324 copies. Test press is black vinyl with plain white labels. On this release, they collaborate with other musicians including Mike Watt.