A389 recent releases: Rot in Hell, Integrity, Mighty Sphincter, Roses Never Fade, Pulling Teeth, Seven Sisters of Sleep

by scourgedaggerandchain

I’ve fallen so far behind on updates that I just decided I’ll group all of my recent A389 releases into one post. I can’t complain about any of these. First is the Rot in Hell – NIU one sided 12″. This is a live recording and was released to raise money to bring RIH to the states for the A389 anniversary show this year. I rarely like live records but this one is awesome. Really simple sleeve with silver screened ink print on one side only and a 2 sided insert.

Whenever the Walpurgisnacht 7″ gets released on a new color, I have to pick it up. So here are the two most recent colors released of the Integrity – Walpurgisnacht 7″ on Grey Swirl out of 350 and Custard out of 150. The grey is very dark and almost black. Very hard to tell in this photo. Still love this record.

This next one is totally bizarre. A new 7″ from Mighty Sphincter. I’d have never guessed this was going to happen but I’m glad it did. Purple vinyl, only available as part of the pre-order package (that the remaining records in this post were part of as well) and limited to either 250 or 300. I forget which.

Roses Never Fade – fade to black 12″ on clear vinyl. This compiles all of their songs, finally released as a 12″. I love the crystal clear vinyl and of course the art by Dwid.

Integrity / Creepout – split 7″ Blue vinyl. I thought it was pretty cool how the art from some of the Japanese versions of this record were combined for the US release.

This record was only available if you ordered the complete pre-order package. It’s a split 7″ between Pulling Teeth (featureing Dwid on vocals), performing “New Manson Family”, and Mighty Sphincter (featuring Nick Fiction on vocals), performing “Holy Unholy”.

Seven Sisters of Sleep – s/t 12″ Green Vinyl. This is a great record. Super heavy. I had no idea what to expect but I was for sure happy with it. Check it out if you haven’t.