Ink & Dagger – Love is Dead 7″ Re-press

by scourgedaggerandchain

I used to be a crazy Ink & Dagger fan and collector and had a pretty extensive vinyl collection including rare versions that I’m sure I’ll never be able to find again but I sold all of it long ago. Of course I kick myself now but at the time it was pretty necessary and I had gone though a period where record collecting wasn’t very important to me. I noticed SFU Records was re-pressing the “Love is Dead” record and happened to come across it right when they put the orders up so I figured I would go ahead and order it since they were still selling the most limited version. Here it is. This is the glow in the dark version with silk screened sleeve out of 100. It felt like I had waited forever to finally get this.

I was hesitant to even order it because I was afraid it would re-spark my interest and I would start spending all my money and time searching for all the Ink & Dagger vinyl I used to own but I think I’ve got everything under control. I’m pretty impressed with this release although I would be more impressed if I knew what the hell was inside the sleeve. Sealed envelope sleeve records = sort of cool and really frustrating if you want to leave them sealed but also want to know what’s inside. More often than not, there’s nothing that exciting inside so I think I’ll just leave it as it is and hope to see someone else open theirs.

If you can’t tell, the sleeve is a sealed, black envelope with a silk screened acetate cover. The envelope has a silver bat stamp on it as well. SFU put up some of the limited LA show sleeves they had leftover online and I went to order one but they had sold out by the time I was paying. Pretty frustrating but I should probably not sweat it.