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Sex Messiah – Wish You Were Dead ep.

I looked long and hard for this one and finally found it in a small, European, one man distro. This was his last copy but I got it at a completely average 7″ price. Thought it was pretty awesome that this guy wasn’t cashing in on the record when he could have. Still had to pay overseas shipping prices but all in all I was really happy to finally pick this up. Awesome Japanese metal punk for fans of G.I.S.M., Parasite, etc. This was put out by Criminal Trap Records.

Integrity – To Die For 10″ Test Press

I was sure I posted this yesterday but it looks like I didn’t. It’s Integrity, its a test press, it has Manson related artwork. Why wouldn’t I be all over this? Picked up this test pressing of “To Die For” recently and totally love the Sharon Tate sleeve. Pretty sure Dwid Put this together himself. I can’t recall for sure but I believe there are either 5 or 6 copies of this test. Mine is #00002.

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