Integrity – vve are the end 7″ + Shirt Preorder Package

by scourgedaggerandchain

vve are the end

Falling behind once again so here is a post in an attempt to catch up. I’ve had this for quite some time now but never got around to posting it up. I know its not anything people haven’t seen but it was a pretty good amount of time to wait for this pre-order so I was pretty excited for it to finally arrive. I also thought I had forgotten to order it and it took me forever to track down my original e-mail confirmation after checking every bank account and credit card statement for the prior 3 month period.

This grey vinyl and shirt package was limited to 100 copies from Magic Bullet so they went pretty fast. Wish I would have ordered a Large shirt instead of the Medium (e-mail me if you want to trade). I’m too old to wear tight clothes anymore.