Skullcrusher – Blinded by Illusion 12″

by scourgedaggerandchain

I’ve fallen behind and have a lot of new stuff to put up so I’m going to try and crank out a bunch of postings today.

Another pre-order. I was curious about this record after reading a little about it on the Livewire site and nothing else really interested me that week so I went ahead and ordered it. This was in the beginning of April. I didn’t get the record until almost mid July. I think that’s too long to wait for something that just did nothing for me. I listened to it once and will probably not listen to it again. It reminded me of listening to No for an Answer. Boring and nothing like what I had expected. At least I got the clear vinyl that was limited to 100.

One thing that bothers me about this is that the insert has some completely different style, non related artwork and a large Skullcrusher logo on it that is all fuzzy and pixelized like someone used the wrong file for the layout and didn’t catch it before printing.