Integrity – Walpurgisnacht GOLD edition/30

by scourgedaggerandchain

Next in my continuing Integrity obsession is the Walpurgisnacht GOLD edition.

This is a special version of the already special GOLD edition. The gold vinyl with gold print sleeve was made for the 4th pressing of the Walpurgisnacht 7″ (similar to the PLATINUM edition that I will try to post later), however the GOLD edition were “band only” copies, limited to 150, to be sold or distributed as the band desired. Word was you might have been able to get this at the 7.17 show in Anaheim but I couldn’t make it to the show so I don’t know if they sold any there or not. I did end up with an even better version. This is the limited GOLD edition, stamped, wax sealed, numbered out of 30 and personalized. My copy is #19/30.

I almost wish Integrity records would stop being released (almost) because I am completely powerless when the opportunity comes along to pick one up.