Euro trade! Allegiance, Mindset, Rot In Hell/Brain Dead

by scourgedaggerandchain

Someone e-mailed me from London offering me the Rot in Hell/Brain Bead split 7″ that I had been looking for and was interested in a handfull of early 90’s hardcore 7″s that I didn’t care about. The records he wanted were actually part of a 12 record lot I won on ebay for 99 cents. Of course I was stoked to get rid of these and get some new vinyl. The guy didn’t have much I was interested in but I found some items I wouldn’t mind owning.

First is the Allegiance – Overlooked lp on Orange/Black “Nuclear Pattern”. This is the European tour press and actually the second pressing of the record, limited to 255. I rarely listen to this style of hardcore but I actually really like these guys. I also used to be in a band with some of them so I know what giant geeks they are. Due to poor packaging and shipping overseas, the sleeve was damaged. BOOOOO!!!

Next up is the Rot in Hell/Braid Dead split. This record is really really good. I also love the artwork. Ian Brown on the Rot in Hell labels? You guys WIN.

I also grabbed this Mindset – Time & Pressure 7″ on white vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Its on React! so of course its stuffed with all kinds of straight edge propaganda (jk). I’m not as into bands like this as I was in high school but I kind of miss seeing layouts like this with tons of pictures that look like you’re at a Chain of Strength show. I saw Mindset recently at the React! Records Showcase. They were good just not something that keeps my attention but I gotta give them credit. Those dudes rip it up and they are feelin it. I went into the bathroom at Gilman after their set and some weirdo was in the giant stall just pacing wildly back and forth, breathing heavy, taking forever. Turns out, it was the singer of mindset doing his cool down or whatever you wanna call it. I would have just passed out after a set like that. Props.

The guy I traded with is in a band called Abolition so he tossed in a copy of his bands split with Hang the Bastards. Inner photo sleeve and hand stamped labels. A nice touch. I had actually seen this record posted online a few different places and was interested based on the sleeve so it was cool to end up with one.