The Rival Mob – Hardcore for Hardcore 7″ SFU Records

by scourgedaggerandchain

Pre-Ordered this on a whim one day but I’m pretty sure it was the day they went up for sale on the SFU webstore which is why I was pretty bummed when it finally showed up and I received the 2nd to least rare version. Solid yellow vinyl. Full pressing info:

75 on black for SFU Showcase
100 on bright yellow/solid purple mix with white splatter
150 on black with clear green and clear purple splatter. too much black was used so a lot of them are either solid black or mostly solid black
350 on solid yellow
900 on solid purple

Honestly I ordered this out of boredom and figured I would get one of the more rare versions resulting in a trade later on. Come on, that’s how we play this game! So needless to say, get in touch if you feel like making a trade. One thing I do love about this record is the vinyl color and the cover art. Here’s a better picture of the cover. Brutal.