Pale Creation 7″ Review

by scourgedaggerandchain

My review won’t do this record justice since its an absolute ripper and I am useless when it comes to reviewing anything. I don’t even know where to start. I’ll admit that until about a year ago I wasn’t familiar with Pale Creation, even though they’ve been around since the 90’s. The 2 songs on this record (Rose Colored Haze & Wake of Temptation) leave me dying for a full length. I loved their previous full length “Twilight Haunt” but these songs are harder than anything they put out before it. The songs have acoustic and melodic touches which build into complete vicious terror. Add guest vocals by Dwid Hellion and artwork by Stephen Kasner and the deal is sealed. This 7″ is a truly unique piece of music and has already seen repeated plays on my turntable. Do yourself a favor and pick it up from A389 Records while you still can.