Integrity Rarities

by scourgedaggerandchain

Here are a few rarities to admire. The integrity – In Contrast of Sin “joker sleeve”. Apparently made for the original test presses for the band members. The image below is the legit version with the front and back displayed (directly from Dwid). The version below that is possibly an bootleg sleeve, but a pretty pricy bootleg that sold on ebay for $471.00 last week. Rather than a test press it had the Red vinyl version of the record.

Integrity’s “Closure” album on Victory records. Never officially released on vinyl through victory yet it exists on 3 colors in very limited numbers (or so whoever made it says). Somehow some people were able to pick this up from people who worked at Victory. I believe the third color is black.

Grace of the unholy cassette single

I think that’ll do for now. Wish I could say I own all of these but I can’t